Using Purchase Order Financing to Expand

Are you the owner of a small business which is growing rapidly? If so, you may soon run into a common, but unexpected problem: receiving an order too large for you to fill. In fact, this problem is so common, it may have already happened to you. If it does, the solution is purchase order financing. This special type of financing is designed to help you profit in a situation where you would otherwise only be able to turn clients away. Learn more about how SMP Legacy Funding can help you benefit from your largest client yet.

How Purchase Order Financing Works

Once you are approved, we provide the capital you need to pay for materials or other necessary resources to tackle the order. You can complete the work and meet your client’s needs just like you normally would. When you have finished and it is time for them to pay, we will take payment out of their invoice. This leaves the rest of the profits to you, not to mention your reputation has not been damaged. You have another satisfied customer and your business is bigger than before. Other benefits include:

  • Avoid accumulating debt
  • Short approval time
  • Improve your market share
  • No equity lost

Do not suffer because your business is growing too fast. Turn to SMP Legacy Funding and learn about purchase order financing.